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Wedding Season is upon us!

Hi People,

Sorry for the long break from blogs! We have been extremely busy indeed with summer event season fast approaching and more so the start of another WEDDING SEASON!

Wedding season is a great time for us. Our itinerary is chocka block with fantastic bookings where we’re lucky enough to showcase pretty much every bit of kit we have on offer! From festoons to fairy light canopies, from light up letters to full PA systems, we do it all! We also get to work outside in the lovely sun, kitting out a few music festivals this year from both repeat and new customers which we are really looking forward to.

Our neon sign hire is keeping us busy in itself! From custom neon signs courtesy of our sister company Marvellous Neon, neon hire has taken us up and down the M11 more times than we care to mention. We have a huge range of LED neon signs for every occasion. Wedding neon signs are proving to be very popular at the moment. We have also been doing a fair few custom neon signs including newlyweds surnames! This is great as it adds to their special day but also a place in their home after, as a warm reminder on the wall forever.

Much like every other, our light up letters have been a key feature this wedding season with bookings coming out of our ears! The ‘Mr & Mrs’ seems to be the most popular, with the newlyweds surname making a key feature once again. One thing we have learnt… just because it’s wedding season, the corporate bookings don’t stop! The light up letters are out most days, every week spelling anything and everything for events all over. We offer light up letter hire in Essex, London, Leeds, Suffolk, Norfolk and beyond! So you can imagine how full on Wedding Season has started for us.

We’ll check in as much as we can over the coming months, wish us luck!

Thanks again,


Marketing and Events


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