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Marvellous Uplighters

Fairy Light Curtains

Fairy Light curtains or naked fairy light curtains as they are sometimes known as are perfect for creating a backdrop or feature wall. 


Our stunning fair light curtains come in 2 Metre x 3 Metre lengths and has 432 LEDs per 2 Metre section.


This warm white curtain light is suitable to be used behind material as the LEDs don't generate any heat however we don't supply fabric for this. 

We have freestanding stands so we don't have to connect to the venue walls or ceilings and it means we can install our fairy light curtains anywhere you like. 

Key Features:

  • 432 LEDs per 2m (W) x 3m (H).

  • Commercial quality white rubber cable with connectors.

  • Suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

  • Connect up to 20 metres from one plug (5000 LEDs).

  • Stand can be provided as well


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