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Enquiries, Planning, Organising, Itineraries and More!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all are well and enjoying the first full week of February! That’s another week in the books and what a week for event lighting. This week has consisted of mostly enquiries, bookings and organising our itinerary.

We’ve been overrun with enquiries for Light Up Letters Hire, Festoon Hire and Neon Sign Hire from which our sister company Marvellous Neon, also based and working in Essex and London area, has played a huge part. This has mostly been for wedding venue lighting. It seems wedding season is fast approaching! It’s great getting to visit so many stunning venues and transforming them with our lighting.

We’re looking forward to fulfilling all of these events as the weather slowly turns warmer and the Summer weddings will be in full flow very soon!

We’ve got some planning and enquiries to get back to, so goodbye for now and we’ll check in with you next week!



Marketing and Events


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