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Another non-stop week!

Hi Everyone,

What a busy week! Just checking in to say hello and let you know what we’ve been up to…

We’ve had some big jobs on this week involving lots of driving to and from London. It’s been very hush hush regarding who and what… but our Festoons have been going down a hit as they will be appearing on not one but two TV shows! It’s been great going down and being on set, seeing how our festoons are being used. It’s also refreshing to be back around so many people and chatting to new and enthusiastic faces with covid being a very distant memory.

With Warm White bulbs, our festoons are great for creating the perfect ambience and environment for any event, plus they also look great swagging from point to point and filling an entire space! Our festoons available for hire also look great with a neon sign from our wonderful sister company Marvellous Neon. We have so many bookings coming up incorporating our festoons with a neon sign hire, including birthdays, weddings and a bar mitzvah! It looks great having the neon as a feature for those insta pics and the festoon lighting elegantly illuminating the space.

That’s another week in the books and we look forward to an even busier week, next week!



Marketing and Events


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