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5 tried and tested ways to make your wedding unique

Last summer was our favourite season for us here at Marvellous Glow. It was full of beautiful wedding's in a variety of places up and down the UK, with each one having a personal and unique spin to it. As the year is slowly (but surely) creeping into the warmer months, we are getting excited about the thought of featuring in our second lot of summer weddings!

To help relieve the stress of what ultimately comes with planning a summer wedding (or wedding in general!), we put together a compilation of ideas to help your special day stand out among the rest:

(1) Keep things fun!

For your wedding to truly stand out, you need to showcase your personality throughout the process of the day. Here are some of our favourite light-hearted ideas to keep your guests entertained all night long.

(2) Make it bright and beautiful

As you can tell, here at Marvellous Glow we live for lighting up your special day. Why not set the mood right with our festoon lights or place our 4ft light-up-letters on the dance floor to really make an impact!

(3) Create a unique #hashtag for all your guests

..and then also a charge point for the social media obsessed!

(4) Gamble with the British weather and venture outside

We all know that British weather can be unpredictable (even in the warmer months), however, there's nothing quite like merging your special day in with the beauty of nature. Plus, It could also save you some extra bucks!

(5) A photobooth is soo last year

Creating memories through photo's of your big day is arguably just as important as the big day itself. Why not ditch the expensive choice of a photobooth and get personal with your memory scrapbook. Our favourite idea is setting up a polaroid camera with film and letting your guests take control.

For more wedding inspiration, follow us on Pinterest here.

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