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Complete Event Services

As well as being one of the Uk's leading bespoke event lighting companies, we also offer a complete event management solution from start to finish.

With over 20 years experience in the events industry, our team of experts know how to put on a fantastic event. 

What Makes Us Special

We've been creating magical, jaw dropping events for years and as well as using some of the world's best suppliers, we also have our own backline, prop makers and lighting for all size events. This means we don't need to rely on other suppliers all the time so we can give you the most competitive pricing and service as we're likely to already have the equipment in stock at our warehouse  

Outdoor Night Event
'Til Death Do Us Party
Indoor Wedding Altar

We Create The Unforgettable

Whatever event you're planning, whether it be an outdoor wedding in the Cotswolds or corporate event in London, we'll create, manage and supply your event to highest standard. 

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